New customer

Please see listed below the documents you need to become a NLP customer. The NLP contract needs to signed and sent to NLP, by post or e-mail. Then you need to register your company, please see "create customer account"

To be able to create customer  account, your company needs to be registered by GS1, all GLN (locations) needs to be registered.
Please contact www.gs1.no
It takes one working day to receive your GLN.

When NLP have received the contract, you have created a customer account, we will activate your new NLP account, User ID and pasword will be sent to assigned administrator by e-mail.
The administrator are able to create his own new locations and WEB users for his company.


  1. NLP Agreement form
  2. NLP Pallets Terms of Agreement 
  3. The NLP rules - Pallet  
  4. Opprett kundekonto ( Create customer account GLN)