Trip fees reduced from September 1th to December 31th 2013

NLP's board has together with the administration decided that the trafic fees will be reduced the 4 last months of 2013. the reduction is from September 1th to Desember 31th and will affect only the whole pallets

( wood and plastic)

The reason is that NLP has had good economic growth in 2013 because of increased use of the pooling system, good operation and transport solutions.

The totale trip fee on Woodpallet  will be reduced with  1,50. NOK:

Sender fee reduction is from 15,99 to 15,02 NOK (-0,97)

Receiver fee reduction is from  8,65 to  8,12 NOK  (-0,53)

The totale trip fee on Plastic pallet  will be reduced with 1,50.NOK:

Sender fee reduction is from 8,50 to 7,48 NOK (-1,02)

Receiver fee reduction is from 4,00 to 3,52 NOK (-0,48)

The distribution of the reduction is done according to the principles determined by the board.

The fees will be adjusted to correct level January 1th 2014.

 If you have any questions regarding fees please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.