A system that works well for both supplier and retailer.

NLP has developed a web based system for declaring RTIs between one or more parties. The system is very userfriendly and the feedback from our customers is that the web is simple to use and far better than previous exchange systems. The NLP system allows for a good balance control of all RTIs inbound and outbound. The manual pallet receipt previously used is now history in the food market industry. The customer web will allow electronic integration with the customers ERP system so you do not need manual registrations. NLP plastic pallets and crates have RFID tags which can be used with the customer web for registration of all inbound and outbound activity of RTIs.

Feedback from NLP customers is that the web system is less timeconsuming compared to the old solution, as well as providing a better control and overview of the balance of RTIs.

Easy to order empty pallets and crates and an efficient logistical set up makes for a very good delivery practice, as you will know at time of order when to expect the RTIs to be delivered. This helps our customers to have fewer units in storage to better manage warehouse capacity and efficiency.

NLP offers a wide variety of RTIs in both wood and plastic. NLP prices are very competitive compared to other similar pooling systems and RTIs. In addition, NLP pooling system is environmentally sensable

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