NLP will be a leader in solutions with a return system of reusable packaging items.

Our vision and business idea

NLP will be a leader in solutions for systems of reusable packaging items.

NLP will contribute to cost efficiency and reduce the environmental impact associated with cargo handling throughout the value chain for our customers. NLP will therefore offer expertise and systems for managing reusable packaging items.

Our values

Our vision, operations and the decisions we make must at all times be rooted in our stated values ​​- Reliable, Innovative and Long-term. Through these three values, we promise to run our business in a reliable, innovative and long-term way.


We at NLP want to emerge as a reliable and stable player in the logistics industry. One of our goals is to be able to guarantee that the pallets and boxes that are ordered are delivered on time. We know that our customers’ operations depend on the availability of reusable packaging items when deliveries are to be delivered. Any delays could result in losses and extra costs.

To secure us in this area, we rent storage space from various wholesalers across the country, so that the reusable packaging items do not necessarily have to be transported from our main warehouse at Langhus.

The ability to drive locally allows us to deliver reusable packaging items to our customers at short notice. In addition, we safeguard the environmental aspect by driving shorter distances when possible. Ideally, our customers should not need their own warehouse for reusable packaging items because they know that we always deliver.


Our logistics system is innovative and modern and has aroused the interest of several international players in the industry. The system has both practical, environmental and social benefits, and is designed so that one advantageous aspect does not have to come at the expense of another. This enables us to deliver an efficient and sustainable solution, at a competitive price.

The system simplifies the flow of goods for the customers, while the products simplify manual handling of their stores. The reusable packaging items are designed to reduce the daily stresses that warehouse workers are exposed to. As the reusable packaging items are standardized, they are very suitable for storage automation, as they perform well in technical facilities. Most of our processes are fully automated at our main warehouse at Langhus. Among other things, transport is carried out in the warehouse by AGVs, storage robots, which navigate automatically according to orders.


We have a vision of a sustainable future, and this is reflected in everything we do. Our wish is to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pressures where possible, but still be able to provide a reliable and cost-effective service to all operators in need of efficient logistics solutions. We are proud to have produced a sustainable product that can be reused and repaired, and thus has a long life. When it is no longer appropriate to repair the product, it will be fully recovered. In this way we take responsibility for the plastic we use. In addition to an environmentally friendly product, our logistics is also sustainable. This is expressed through efficient transport routes during transport, a high degree of filling in the cars, and a number of environment-saving measures at NLP’s factory and washing plants. Read more about our sustainable business here